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Teamwork is more essential than ever. Not just in the rowing boat, but in the business context in a fast changing world of disruption. We hardly achieve anything alone. In the same moment, few things take us closer to our personal limits than creating successful teamwork.

That experience motivated me to create a method, that helps people in teams and organizations to successfully overcome those limits and let them pull their own oar.

As result teams develop balance and their own individual rhythm, that leads into a future of success. 


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Outdoor-TeamWorkshop in the rowing boat

Rhythm of teams and organizations

Me.You.Us. in balance

The boat we are in together, does not just stay a metaphor here. in the outdoor team workshop we literally sit in one boat all together, finding our rhythm. The conception of a individual workshop follows recent team and organization development approaches and is drafted for each team and organization individually.

Feeling a unifying rhythm

in the rowing boat

Emergence of




conflict resolution



in the team

integratabtle in personnel- & organiztional development


The workshops are






made for lern transfer

Out-of-the Box and

in nature

By rowing in nature

novel team experiences

innovative thoughts for teamwork

stress reductive activity

remaining memories

feelings of happiness

welcomed variety

is possible




rhythm for working agile

mindset und challeneg in balance

There's no necessity of rowing in a real boat to make the next step forward in your teamwork. In the indoor workshop participants develop their individual and collective mindset. By reflecting and understanding flexible patterns of thought and behavior, a mental attitude for an agile, sustainable workstyle is developed.


mindset modell

Enables access to the participants individual mental resources (experience & knowledge) and creates motivation for personal development that enhances development of the whole organization.

human and organization

in balance

By creating awareness for both, the needs of the individual human and the organization, a culture of head-heart-balance evolves. Lasting excitement, innovation  and team spirit is a common result.

storytelling and 


Gripping stories out of elite sports and interaktive tools during the workshops enable room for personal reflection and development. Disbalances in the togetherness are solved and rhythm is reestablished.

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idea und impact in balance

impulse  keynote  Discussion

Rhythm for your event

As incentive, keynote speaker or part of a discussion i am looking forward imparting your event rhythm and direction. As a speaker i will talk about, the essentials of successful teamwork and how sports and business can learn from each other.

I am talking about

Mindset für sustainable success

resilience & agility


peak performance & stress-management


culture of failure 

© Felix Hohagen

Elite sports and Teamdevelopment

Rhythm of my life

body and mind in balance

Who am I and what am I doing?

on water

At the age of 12 i found my fascination for the sport of rowing: gliding above the water and overcoming my own limitations. 

7 years later I had the courage to made a career out of this fascination. This career guided me to following successes.

world champion 2012 (U23)


winner of the Universiade 2013


participation at theOlympic Games 2016


participation at multiple world- and european championships


multiple state champion

at shore

Since i went to school issues of the future draw my attention. Insbesondere Natural sciences, communciation and psycho-social topics draw my full attention and together began to form a second area of business as a trainer for team development.

BSc. environmental- and bioressource management 

(BOKU, Vienna)


MBA organizational behavior

(AIM; FH Eisenstadt)


psychological advisor i.A.

(Institut Kutschera, Vienna)


resonance-practitioner, master and coach 

(Institut Kutschera, Vienna)


business rhetorik coach i.A.

(Schule des Sprechens, Vienna)

© Julius Hirtzberger

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Rhythm for you life

giving and taking in balance

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